Weekly Roundup – September 13th

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! We produced a lot of content this week, so if you missed any of it, have no fear. We’ve got them all listed here for you:

Our columnist David Zussman talks about the need for Senate reform.

Associate editor Chris Thatcher talks to Rear-Admiral Patrick Finn about the changing role of the Material Group at the Department of National Defence.

Editor-in-chief Toby Fyfe speaks with Deputy Minister Robert Fonberg about the critical role of policy advice and talks about The Solution Revolution, a new book by Paul Macmillan and Bill Eggers which examines the way that non-governmental players can help solve social problems.

Jodi LeBlanc, Ethics and Values Advisor with Veterans Affairs in PEI, blogs about how we can better manage our time and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Jeffrey Roy, a professor in the School of Public Administration at Dalhousie University, writes about the VOICE for mobility.

John Read says it’s important to measure quality rather than time when it comes to procurement.

Toby Fyfe interviews IPAC president Andrew Treusch.

Globe and Mail columnist Harvey Schachter reviews three books about learning how to say “No.”

Staff writer Amy Allen reports on Nova Scotia’s move to provide better services for seniors, blogs about why it’s okay to failcovers the GTEC 2013 Distinction Awards reception, and talks about the importance of industrial policy.

That’s it from us this week. We hope you have a great weekend!


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