Weekly Roundup – October 25th

Happy Friday, everyone! Did you miss any of our content this week? If so, look no further; we’ve got it all listed here for you.

Jeffrey Roy, a professor in the School of Public Administration at Dalhousie University, talked about how we can move from open data to open democracy.

Soussan Tabari, CIO for Ontario’s learning ministries, discussed the modernization of student aid and the overhaul of OSAP.

Elizabeth Denham, BC’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, talked to editor-in-chief Toby Fyfe about what governments can do to protect the personal information of their citizens.

Editor-in-chief Toby Fyfe talked about the different between open data and open information: are citizens getting all the information they need about the decisions their governments are making?

George Wenzel blogged this week about the pitfalls of change in the workplace.

Jacques Mailloux, president of the Ottawa chapter of the CIO Association of Canada, talked about the professional development of the CIO.

David M. LeBlanc blogged this week about his chat with Sylvain Souligny, director of human resources for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency: what has CFIA been doing to overhaul its HR model?

Jay Shah, a technical advisor with Public Safety Canada, outlined the benefits of the National Information Exchange Model 3.0.

Staff writer Amy Allen spoke with Citrix’s chief security strategist, Kurt Roemer, about what organization can do to secure their data in an increasingly BYOD world, and reported on Mel Cappe’s lecture at the University of Ottawa.

That’s it from us this week. Have a great weekend!


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