Weekly Roundup – November 8th

We’ve had a lot of interesting articles this week. Did you miss any of them? Don’t worry – we’ve got them all rounded up here for you:

David Zussman talks about the challenge for Blueprint 2020.

A Long Way Gone: John Wilkins blogs about Canada’s involvement in Commonwealth politics, and why we need to keep an eye on the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Roy Wiseman asks: why doesn’t the government encourage citizens to use their online services?

Matt Nalbandian from NetApp Canada explains how collaboration is an effective approach for Shared Services Canada.

Wayne Watson, president of W2 Investigation Consulting, tells us how to prevent an information leak in an organization.

The two-step of the political outsider: Editor-in-chief Toby Fyfe explains why it’s dangerous for politicians to distance themselves from government.

Jodi LeBlanc blogs about the lessons she took away from Impact 99 – how can we reinvent our workplace?

Chris Allison of the Canadian Border Services Agency asks: what if we need real transformation?

That’s it from us for this week! Have a great weekend!


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