Nova Scotia Moves to Unify its Government Communications

In this busy communications marketplace, governments are taking the way they get their message out increasingly seriously so that they can reach citizens. The Nova Scotia government will be introducing legislative amendments, new guidelines and policies in its Public Service Act to unify its communications under Communications Nova Scotia (CNS).

The changes were introduced on December 2 and the government believes that they will improve government communications, ensure advertising is non-partisan, and make government more accountable for the advertising it does.

“We need Communications Nova Scotia to be focused on communicating about government programs and services to Nova Scotians,” said Nova Scotia Minister Andrew Younger. “These changes will ensure CNS has the ability and teeth to do that and do it well.”

The legislation will also require the Minister of Communications to provide an annual report on paid advertising to Executive Council.

Jeff Mackey

Jeff Mackey is an intern with Canadian Government Executive, Vanguard and WRLWND magazines. Before joining us, Jeff worked with the Canadian Press in Toronto and Metro News in Regina. Now, back in his native Ottawa, Jeff is excited to cover everything from the public service and the military to today’s modern technology.


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