Weekly Roundup – Jan. 17

It’s week’s end already! Did you miss any of our content this week? We’ve had a few stories either from or about some of our summit speakers, so have a glance down our handy list to see what piques your interest.

Louise Levonian, associate deputy minister at the Department of Finance, talks about why a collective appetite for renewal is needed to make Blueprint 2020 a success.

David Zussman asks, is it time for a discussion about the future role of government?

Sean Speer, Charles Lammam, and Bruce Campbell tell us about their vision for Blueprint 2020.

Editor-in-chief Toby Fyfe talks about the three roles (citizen, customer, and partner) that define the relationship between governments and taxpayers.

George Wenzel blogs about why good managers don’t always have all the answers – and moreover, what good managers can do to become great.

John Wilkins asks, why is performance management so crucial for transparent government?

What did Vince Molinaro, author of “The Leadership Contract” and speaker at our February 25 summit, mean when he said, “Leadership needs to be redefined for the future?”

That’s it from us this week. As always, remember to register for our summit and nominate a worthy individual or team for one of our Leadership Awards! Visit our summit website for more information. Have a happy weekend!


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