Summit Speaker Profile: Vince Molinaro

Strong leadership is in highest demand during times of unpredictable change. Consider the role of a sea captain during a storm or an emergency room doctor with a patient who is flatlining. Each needs to lead their teams through dangerous, even chaotic, changes in circumstances and, in the end, triumph over them.

Today’s government leaders also find themselves in changing circumstances and, like sea captains, they need to lead their teams through some treacherous waters.

This type of leadership is what Vince Molinaro will be discussing at the Canadian Government Executive Leadership Summit on February 25 in Ottawa.

Molinaro is a New York Times best-selling author and managing director of the leadership practice within Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions.

As one of the keynote speakers at the conference, Molinaro will be tackling some rather difficult questions, including: How is leadership changing in government? How should it change? What will be the “obligations” of the future leader?

Molinaro believes in the creation of leadership cultures within organizations, in which each leader has personal clarity and commitment to the business strategy.

He has a diverse professional background, including working in the energy, pharmaceutical, professional services, technology, and public sectors.

Our editor and chief Toby Fyfe interviewed Molinaro last month. You can read the interview here. You can also follow Molinaro on Twitter @VinceMolinaro.

To sign up for the CGE Leadership Summit, go to our summit website.

Jeff Mackey

Jeff Mackey is an intern with Canadian Government Executive, Vanguard and WRLWND magazines. Before joining us, Jeff worked with the Canadian Press in Toronto and Metro News in Regina. Now, back in his native Ottawa, Jeff is excited to cover everything from the public service and the military to today’s modern technology.


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